Hello there!

My name is Marek and I love to talk.

I am a vibrant, curious designer striving to make the world a more mindful, accessible place. Through a passion for growth, I push myself forward by learning from all experiences both large and small. I provide a broad skill set, visual and linguistic expertise and worldly analogy. I am passionate about living a holistic life, caring equally for all individual aspects of myself to strengthen the overall whole.

My unique perspective and skill set developed from a life characterized by uncertainty and adaptability. Everything I do is informed by the attempt to understand the shared experiences and coincidences that exist among us. People share more commonalities than differences. Where is the common ground? I embrace this wisdom through design as I endeavor to understand and connect with users' problems and goals.

Hey, its me! I'm wearing a black t-shirt. In this photo, I have my hair shaved and am flashing a peace sign. I wear round, silver glasses and have a large flower tattoo on the right side of my neck.
I love city life due to my obsession with both people and architecture. Please enjoy a few of my favorite shots from my life in New York City.

Phew! Did that all seem like BS? I admit I have been accused of being long-winded in the past. I blame my penchant for bombastic rambling on my bookshelf.

My truth:

Imma be real. I am a people person, an extroverted introvert. I am intrigued by people: messing with them, understanding them and trying to help them whenever possible. I became a designer so I could combine my many disparate interests into one, concise path to follow forward. Using my unique skill set, I want to travel and see as much of the world as possible, eating and meeting the entire way.

My D&D alignment:

chaotic good

My obsessions:

visual arts, psychology, books, mindfulness, plant life and gardening, dogs, dumplings, LEGO, neon color palettes, animation in any form (Howl's Moving Castle is Studio Ghibli's underrated masterpiece and Wall-E is the most technically- and artistically-proficient film Pixar has ever made. I said what I said.)

This is my final opportunity to say something inspiring or cool about myself,
but if you don't like me by now, then I doubt I can change your mind anyway.

Want to get in contact with me?



New York City, baby (NYC, NY)

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